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An AI Powered Wellness Experience

About Us

You 2.0 app is an AI driven wellness app that delivers over 300 micro-activities specific to user through gentle “nudges” throughout the day. These micro-activities generate comparative data metrics which are assessed for behavioral factors of engagement, integrity, and impact. Besurance developed proprietary mathematical, statistical and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools in collaboration with the team of Ph.D.’s at the University of Waterloo - Canada’s leader in mathematics and artificial intelligence. You 2.0 is not simply data-driven; it is behavior-driven.

Our goal is to provide a social and gamified ecosystem via the You 2.0 app to help insurers evolve their risk appetite and refine risk pricing. You 2.0 can ‘grade’, identify, categorize, and classify individuals into risk segments (‘segmentation’) based on individual’s engagement, impact and integrity using our wellness protocols / pathways.


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1214, 12 Royal Vista Way NW

Calgary, AB

T3R 0N2

Tel: 403-460-6961

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